Cosmetic Medicine has become a highly competitive specialty. Like any other field of medicine, the qualifications and experience of your doctor is paramount in delivering results that are aesthetically pleasing and trouble free.

When choosing your provider, there are several key points to consider:

  • Name and reputation of the clinic.
  • Profile of the doctor.
  • Who is going to be your service provider? A doctor, a nurse or a dentist?
  • What products are used in-house?
  • What follow up is provided post treatment?

How Cosmetic Medicine Provision Has Changed

Over the last few years, the Cosmetic Medicine industry has evolved, and not for the better. In many circumstances it is driven by the want to make quick and easy money and not taking into account the best interests of the patient.

Nurses providing injectables that are either not supervised by a doctor, and more often than not, if they are, the doctor knows little or nothing about the drugs that are being administered let alone how to recognise or manage any possible complication that may arise.

Fly in doctors and nurses that have no ability to provide any follow up care or adjustment to your treatment. Seeing your family GP under these circumstances would be fruitless as they would have no idea regarding cosmetic treatments.

It is a specialised field.

Why Follow Up and After Care Is Important

Availability for followup following any medical procedure including cosmetic injections is paramount. As with any medical procedure, cosmetic injections and other treatments can have adverse reactions and side-effects.

It is essential that the treating doctor be available to address any concerns following your treatment, preferably by face to face consultation.

By operating at one location in Coffs Harbour, Dr Joseph Beaini is able to offer the highest level of medical care and follow up.

Further, we are able to see if any dose adjustment is needed, if any further dermal filler is needed and to access appropriate response to laser and light treatments.

Cosmetic treatments are often ongoing and at follow up we are able to discuss the next step if any are required, or just set a time to see you again for a top up of your recent treatment.

Patient Satisfaction

Zinc Clinic aims to have happy, satisfied and well informed patient. They should have access to premium products and services. For us, a patient is not just a number. We spend a significant amount of time with each and every patient to develop a trusting relationship and to understand thoroughly his and her concerns and expectations.

Value for Money

We believe in value for money and do not believe in making a quick profit by churning out a large number of patients. We do not advertise discounts or specials as this is against all TGA regulations. They also encourage the provision of unnecessary incentives and procedures. Further, we provide the product and the dose that will do what is intended. Unlike paying per area which leads to under dosing and packages which lure patients in and are upsold other services.

Long Term Affordability and Loyalty

We believe in fair pricing but do not believe in undercutting the market. We are known to offer price reductions and add on services to our loyal patients to make their treatments more affordable in the long run.

Product Choice

We can assure you that all products and machinery used at Zinc Clinic are premium and TGA approved. They are all high end products as we will not compromise patient treatments with discount products. These discount products may look attractive as far as price point, however, do they feel as good, look as good and last as long? Do they have all the clinical studies to guarantee their safety? Is the injector actually giving you what you are paying for? We often ask how some clinics are able to provide the services they do so cheaply when they can provide it for less than we can buy it for. Beware and know your products.


At Zinc Clinic, we never over book and always allocate sufficient time for every procedure. We do not feel a patient should feel rushed and we like our doctor to work without stress, giving you his full attention.

Personalised Care

We endeavour to provide a standard of care and service so each one of our clients feel special.

We adhere to all aspects of best practice