Despite its increasing popularity, it is important to realise that cosmetic injections such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and laser and light treatments are medical procedures.

In addition, the products used are prescription only and can only be prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner. Therefore, it is illegal for these products to be administered by a nurse or any other person unless the injector is being supervised by a doctor. The Prescribing Doctor must also conduct a consultation with the patient prior to any administration of treatment. This must be reviewed at each treatment session and in particular if there is any change to the treatment. If there is an adverse event, the Prescribing Doctor must be available for review and management.

Availability for follow up following any medical procedure including cosmetic injections is also very important. As with any medical procedure, cosmetic injections and laser treatments can have adverse reactions and side-effects. It is essential that the treating or supervising doctor be available and competent in addressing any concerns following your treatment. It is strongly preferred that the doctor also be on the premises at all times and actually have an understanding of the products and treatments used. Many do not.

Zinc Clinic is a properly equipped Medical Clinic. It has been purpose designed to ensure that all treatments are given in an appropriate medical environment. Medical standards and procedures such as hygiene, sterility and patient confidentiality are strictly adhered to.

We are also fully equipped with resuscitation equipment.

Zinc Clinic is completely TGA compliant and follows all industry regulations for best practice.

Be aware that some practitioners working out of Beauty or Hairdressing Salons are describing these as “Clinics”. In Dr Joe’s opinion, this is potentially misleading.