Pain management is an aspect which is often given less priority by many doctors and other paramedical cosmetic practitioners. At Zinc Clinic we believe that any cosmetic medical procedure should be as discomfort free as possible.

The simple fact is that for most people, cosmetic medical and surgical procedures are not a necessity but a choice, and it is therefore imperative to make the experience as pain free as possible. Our doctor pays special attention to this and has developed and refined special injection and anaesthesia techniques to make common cosmetic procedures as pain free as possible. We use topical anaesthetic creams, ice packs, and local infiltration anaesthesia for many of our treatments. Twilight sedation is used only for more invasive procedures. And as many know, trust, reassurance and hand holding goes a long way.

We also understand that every patient is different. They have differing expectations of procedural discomfort, differing pain thresholds and differing phobias. We do our best to take our time, explain the procedure step by step and reassure each patient as we administer the treatment. Making it as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.