The Cosmetic Medicine Industry is bound by regulations and protocols. Unfortunately, at this stage some of them are not clear and are currently being reviewed.

There are many cowboys out there that do not follow these regulations. There have been many loopholes found that allow providers to function in a manner that would not at all be considered best practice.

You would not go to your General Practitioner to find him away on holidays and the practice is being run by nurses. This is not legal or acceptable. All health care providers play a role. The administration or provision of S4 drugs, laser treatments and the diagnosis of a medical condition is not in the scope of anyone other than a Registered Doctor. The patient and all treatments are the doctors responsibility.

The Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine suggests the following:

Tips for Cosmetic Consumers

  • All cosmetic injectables are S4 drugs, which means they can only be supplied by a doctor following a consultation and can only be used by a nurse under supervision.
  • Know what you are being injected with. Make sure the provider is using only a TGA approved product purchased in Australia. If he or she refuses to give you this information, look for another cosmetic practice.
  • Make sure the benefits and risks are fully explained to you in a personal consultation with a doctor.
  • The legal process. A doctor needs to see you face-to-face. Skyping and on-line consultations are not appropriate.
  • Fully disclose any medical conditions you may have and medications you are taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter drugs.
  • Cosmetic injections should be administered in an appropriate setting using sterile instruments. A nurse, who is appropriately licenced and trained, may perform the injections under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Hair dressing salons, beauty parlours and private homes are not medical environments and may be unsanitary.
  • The cheapest price does not mean the best result. Be aware that discounts and inducements for medical procedures are illegal in Australia.