Clients often ask why our practice was named Zinc Clinic. We are firm believers of aging prevention, and the main culprit is the sun. One of our main take home messages is cover up, and apply zinc, whether indoors or outdoors.

At Zinc Clinic we are committed to providing the highest standard of medical treatment to help our clients look and feel better about themselves.

We work together as a team to offer our clients outstanding customer service within a friendly, relaxed and private environment.

We aim to always provide our customers with honest and straight forward advice about the most advanced treatment options to suit their budget in a safe environment and with utmost professional care.


Zinc Clinic is a medical clinic

Rigorous hygiene and sterility standards, purpose built injecting environment. Assurance of confidentiality and discretion.

Ability to deal with a medical emergency such as severe allergy. Access to oxygen and appropriate resuscitation equipment. Dr Joe is also an Intensive Care doctor. This is what he does.

All products stored and refrigerated appropriately in an approved vaccination refrigerator and not travelling between multiple locations.

Advanced pain relief techniques such as anaesthetic nerve blocks and prescription only anaesthetic cream.

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Joe is a Medical Doctor practicing Cosmetic Medicine on the Mid North Coast since 2008, giving you reassurance that you will be treated in an educated and professional manner. He performs all procedures. We do not employ nurse injectors.

Training and ongoing education

Dr Joe has had the opportunity to be trained by, and work along some of the best pioneering physicians in the field of Cosmetic Medicine. He regularly attends national and international seminars, workshops and conferences on Cosmetic Medicine to keep himself up to date with this rapidly advancing field.

Appreciation for facial aesthetics and an eye for perfection

We appreciate that a proper cosmetic make-over means more than eliminating a few lines and wrinkles. We analyse every case in detail and do not perform stock procedures. We are known for achieving natural appearing results that stress elegance over glamour.

Strong patient education

We devote a great deal of effort educating our patients, both before and during their consultation and before and after any treatment. We understands that any cosmetic treatment performed without properly addressing patients concerns and expectations is likely to be unsuccessful.

No pressure to do more

We control your costs by avoiding unnecessary complexity, and not trying to “sell” you on added procedures you don’t want, or may not even need. We will even advise you not to have a procedure done if we think that you are not the right candidate for it. We are very happy to do an in depth consultation, provide you with relevant information and approximate cost and send you home to think about it. We even often encourage this if we feel that you are unsure about what to do or where to start.

We use only premium products

From medical product to our laser and light treatment, we don’t cut corners. Our injectables are premium and we use only approved medical grade lasers.

Patient confidentiality

We fully understand the subtleties and sensitivities of Australian culture, especially in rural areas. Not everyone wants others to know about their cosmetic treatments. We aim to provide our services in complete discretion and endeavour to provide absolute patient confidentiality.

One location

Dr Joe works from one location, providing ease of appointments.

Complimentary followup

We believe that all our patients should be happy with their treatment and that the doctor has to be fully satisfied that he has delivered the best results. We encourage follow ups, and as we are local, we are there if you should need us.