We believe everyone, whether female or male, young or old, deserves to look and feel the best they can for their age.

The harsh Australian environment and stresses of life has had an effect on us all. The body and soul deserves to be restored, refreshed and refined, making for a happier and more satisfying life. We do not believe that this is vanity. Rather taking pride of and respecting ones natural beauty which is within us all. We do not believe in taking away from this natural beauty, but rather enhancing what has already been given to us. This translates to confidence and self-esteem.

Our approach is not as straightforward as one would believe. Cosmetic Medicine requires a multidisciplinary approach. The combination of medicine and art is crucial. The Cosmetic Practitioner requires an excellent aesthetic eye and approach along with a comprehensive medical understanding of the stages of aging and long term prevention. Combining this with realistic patient expectations makes for a synergistic and balanced outcome.

At Zinc Clinic Boutique Cosmetic Medicine, we provide non-surgical face and body rejuvenation, along with laser and light services. We consider these to have an enviable safety record along with providing improved patient benefits. All patients are special and have individual needs. Hence, each patient is assessed as such. Patient expectations, facial features, ethnicity and skin type are all taken into consideration during consultation and the most appropriate management plan is created. Using medical and artistic judgement, we provide the patient with a comprehensive and informative range of options. Care is taken to provide accurate costs and budgets, advantages and disadvantages of all options and alternatives, to achieve a desired and realistic outcome and maintenance programme that best enhances the appearance of the individual. We believe in personal choices and aim to provide you with the most personalised service and attention to details.

We take pride in being ethical, honest and professional and duly respect that our patients be informed that Cosmetic Medicine is not an exact science and no guarantees can ever be made. We also reserve the right to decline treatment of any patient if we believe such management is not in the patient’s best interest. Our patients and their wellbeing are our priority.

We conduct proper and relevant medical histories, examinations and treatments. The individuals privacy is respected and in accordance with the Privacy Act. Treatments are only undertaken when informed consent has been given from either patient or guardian. All treatments are undertaken by a medically qualified doctor, Dr Joseph Anthony Beaini.

At Zinc Clinic, we stand behind Coffs Harbour and the Coffs Coast. We are here to provide a full and comprehensive service to the residents of this region, negating the need for them to travel afar or rely on visiting practitioners for restricted services. They can be assured of ongoing follow up care and personalised, friendly service.

At Zinc Clinic, we pride ourselves on your SATISFACTION.

At Zinc Clinic, we believe in BEST PRACTICE.