Look your best, feel your best, perform at your best.

When planning your upcoming special occasion, a fabulous face and body should never be overlooked. At Zinc Clinic, we will help you to look and feel your best on your special day.

Your face in general has a big impact on first impressions, whether it is an important job interview, a family gathering, a school reunion or a wedding. These events are one of the most memorable, and will be captured on film for all to see for decades to come. As well as investing in the amazing gown or suit, the flowers and the hair, an increasing number of people are choosing to invest and improve their features prior to their special occasion. It is not just the ladies; men are also choosing to improve their look for that special day.

However, great things do not happen overnight. Do not be disappointed. Allow enough time for:

  • Consultation and treatment plans.
  • Necessary appointments to undertake procedures and allow time for reviews.
  • Budgeting and time frames.
  • Time for recovery.
  • Achievement of optimum results varies greatly between treatments.

At Zinc Clinic, we recommend a minimum time allowance of 4 weeks, but a consultation at 8 weeks prior to the event would be preferable. If you believe more sophisticated treatments such as laser and light therapies are required or if you are just unsure, a consultation three months ahead would be beneficial.

Suggested treatments for men and women included:

So, impress your family, friends, a new employer or even a new partner.

Remember, to achieve the optimal look, allow plenty of time.