Laser toning – effective, painless treatment for difficult skin pigmentation.

Laser toning is a unique treatment for Melasma and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation as it uses the laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation by breaking down melanin molecules naturally, allowing your immune system to remove them. At the same time it has additional benefits in terms of improved skin tone and texture with minimal risk of adverse effects and virtually no downtime.

Laser toning is used at Zinc Clinic to treat a range of skin pigmentation issues including melasma, PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and freckles.
In the past, conventional laser toning has been used with reasonable success but only for lighter skin types I through to III, unfortunately it was inappropriate for skin type IV or higher (most Asian and darker skin individuals). The new Lutronic XT Spectra Laser uses the Q-switch mode with their ultrashort pulse and reliable top-hat beam profile which enables safe and efficacious treatment of dermal and epidermal Melasma in patients of all skin types.

Melasma is a common skin problem that is also known as ‘chloasma’ or mask of pregnancy. It causes brown patches on the face; most commonly appearing on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip. It also can appear on other parts of the body that get lots of sun.  Hormone changes along with sun exposure are the most common triggers for melasma. Although melasma may affect both men and women, the majority of those affected are women.  Individuals of Latin, Asian or darker skin types are more likely to get melasma.

How many treatment will I need?

Results will come gradually and treatments will be spaced out between 1 to 2 weeks each time for 8 to 10 treatments in total. There is no downtime so you are able to return to your normal activities after applying a quality sunscreen. The treatment is relatively painless, and the skin will feel warm to touch immediately post treatment.

Is Melasma curable?

It is important to note that Melasma is not curable. It can be managed with Laser Toning with or without other topical or oral bleaching products. Maintenance Laser Toning treatments are essential to maintain the initial results.

Is the treatment painful?

There is little or no discomfort associated with Laser Toning.

Is there downtime?

There may be mild facial flushing which subsides within an hour or so.

What about after care?

We ask that you use a daily sunblock. This is essential to the management of Melasma. Otherwise you can immediately apply makeup if needed and go ahead with your daily activities.

Can Spectra Laser Toning be combined with other treatments?

Yes. Especially for melasma, which often has a vascular component, treatments can be alternated with Spectra Gold Toning. Other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can also be used when under a course of treatments.