No longer is cosmetic medicine the domain of the female sex. There has recently been a strong shift with an increasing number of males seeking non-surgical treatments to enhance their features. Whether it be to improve their self-esteem, keep ahead of their male colleagues in the business arena or simply to keep pace with their companions, the trend is strong and likely to become even more popular.

One third of all people undergoing treatment to augment their cheek bones were men. For every three women who received an anti-wrinkle injection, one man also had a winkle-altering jab. Men also accounted for 17 per cent of those who underwent other non-invasive injectable procedures and laser skin treatments.

Men are increasingly turning up for treatment at cosmetic medicine clinics, though they do not necessarily want to talk about it. “It is secret men’s business… a lot of men still think they will get ridiculed if they tell any of their male cohorts that they have had something done.” Source: AAP NewsWire Presented Cosmetex Conference 2010.

What are a males cosmetic needs?

At Zinc Clinic we have a comprehensive range of medical treatments specially designed for the needs of the male client. All treatments available at our clinic are also suitable for men.

So what is the difference?

The aesthetic and medical treatment of the male patient is influenced by the uniqueness of their physiology and anatomy. Care needs to be taken when assessing and treating a male that the treatment does provide them with a refreshed and refined look but also maintaining their masculinity that obviously sets them apart from a female. Everyone is an individual and has individual needs. A practitioner with a keen aesthetic eye and a good understanding of the male facial anatomy would be able to provide a positive and realistic outcome.

What treatments are available for men?

All our treatments at Zinc Clinic are available for men. However they would be tailored for the male anatomy. At consultation, concerns are discussed with the treating doctor and a treatment plan is put together. The most popular treatments for men would include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, facial contouring including cheeks and lips, injections for excessive sweating, vein therapy, management of sun spots, hair removal and rosacea. Overall, every treatment may play a part.